Bridging Passion and Purpose

I felt at a young age a deep desire to care, show love, be a support system, give empathy, show compassion, and listen to others. My mom would say that I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl. Growing up I recall being in rooms with adults, listening to their stories of resilience, hardship, joy, and peace but what stood out the most were the lessons on the power of faith — their faith in God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. 


As I spent time thinking about my faith journey, I began to think about my grandfather. He taught me discipline, he showed humility through his prayer life, and he demonstrated his faith through his devotion to people and his church community. He truly cared for others by visiting those who were sick or home-bound. I had the opportunity to visit people with him during my summer breaks. 


I watched my grandfather listen to stories from so many people. He sat and listened to their pain, joys, fears, worries, loneliness, anger with God for this life they have, their excitement for new beginnings, and end of life plans. He listened and was present, which allowed everyone to feel heard and most importantly it allowed people to experience someone who deeply cared for them. I believe this is something we all desire. 


Despite the suffering of family, friends, and extended loved ones in my life, there was always an overarching theme of God and faith. 


I fell in love with my education in my Master’s program and clinical practicum and knew this was one of God’s assignments for me. During my first few years, including my practicum, I realized there was a void I experienced. Talking about God and faith wasn’t something Clinicians were able to bring up unless clients brought it up. To me, it felt like a piece of myself was missing. I am here to be a light for others in this dark and challenging world. I was created to sit beside people to empower, challenge, instill hope, and to offer a safe space, free of judgment, and a space for healing. 


My mission and assignment is to provide a safe space where faith and mental health are explored freely and openly expressed, where unconditional love is demonstrated through listening and being present, and where clients leave with a new level of confidence and authority to change any unhealthy behaviors that are hindering their lives.



I am a clinician who knows the power of God and the necessity of mental wellness!