07. August 2020
As a clinician, I often hear people express frustration about not knowing what will happen. This idea manifests into the belief that in order to feel at peace, knowing the outcome is more important than going through the journey.

07. July 2020
When I was younger my mama would tell me our home is our sanctuary - peace is our every day goal. When we leave our home, as soon as we step outside, we have to manage this stressful world. Lets not have our home mirror the outside world.

07. June 2020
In my field, I have the blessing to work with so many unique individuals. I have learned throughout my years of experience that I have a special place in my heart working with women, specifically women focused on establishing their identity. I’m honored that my clients have allowed me to come alongside to accompany them through this journey.

07. May 2020
I often hear people talk about their patience running thin, almost as if patience is a tiny piece of thread on the verge of breaking.

07. April 2020
I felt at a young age a deep desire to care, show love, be a support system, give empathy, show compassion, and listen to others. My mom would say that I’ve been doing this since I was a little girl. Growing up I recall being in rooms with adults, listening to their stories of resilience, hardship, joy, and peace but what stood out the most were the lessons on the power of faith — their faith in God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.