How to get Started?

Starting counseling can be scary and anxiety-provoking; it is a part of the journey. Recognize that there will be discomfort and move through it. 

Counseling is about finding a match for you, it is important to assess your own needs and/or wants in a clinician. Some thoughts to consider:

  • What are my struggles?
  • What knowledge would I like my clinician to have?
  • What expertise would I like my clinician to have?
  • Does the clinician have language on their website that relates to my interest, needs, wants or desires?
  • Location, am I willing to commit to counseling regardless of location?
  • Am I willing to be consistent?
  • Am I willing to prioritize counseling sessions and make them apart of my health journey routine?
  • What do I hope to gain from counseling? 

Take a moment to gather your thoughts and assess your needs and wants!